Changes Coming in 2020

All through the past decade we saw the rise of fast fashion. Until last year we had very little idea how much damage it did to our environment as well as how damaging the textile industry in general is. It’s on the industry itself to take this information and make a change, to push to use environmentally sustainable fabrics, to shift away from fabrics made from oil and away from fabrics that create massive amounts of waste. 

We are excited to announce we’re taking the first steps to create an ecologically friendly supply chain. Our goal is by our spring/summer collection of 2021 to have a completely sustainable supply chain. So what does that look like? It starts with the fabrics. Our goal is to be on 100% recycled fabrics for our material. 

Introspectv as an organization is starting the first steps towards becoming a truly green fashion label and to show our commitment to the cause we’re donating 10% of each sale to the Earth Day Network. The Earth Day Network is a charity that works around the globe to fight plastic pollution and climate change. On top of that they focus a large amount of their efforts on restoration and conservation. Due to the international nature of our business we wanted to partner with a charity that did work all over the world and that led us to the Earth Day Network. 

What’s the next step? Creating a return program that works with the suppliers we use for our recycled fabrics to give them more garments that they can break down and have reused in our clothes. We’re committed to making the world a better place, one t-shirt at a time.